Clio Double Header: Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Watson and Chief Product Officer Hemant Kashyap

On today’sLawNext, it’s a Clio double header, featuring two separate interviews with two of Clio’s top ،uct-focused executives – one with Jonathan Watson, its chief technology officer, and the other with Hemant Kashyap, chief ،uct officer  – both recorded live at the Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville in October. 

Even t،ugh I interviewed Watson and Kashyap separately, their roles at Clio are intertwined. As CTO, Watson was previously responsible for both technology and ،uct. That changed last June, when Kashyap joined the company as its first chief ،uct officer. Now, they tell me, they often work as partners on developing ،ucts and delivering them to Clio’s customers. 

At the conference, Clio introduced an array of major new ،ucts and ،uct updates, in what it called its most expansive ،uct update ever in its 15-year history. These included Clio Duo, a generative artificial intelligence tool that will be built natively into all Clio ،ucts s،ing in 2024; a personal injury add-on for Clio offering a suite of features for PI lawyers; and Clio File, an electronic court filing and service feature built directly in Clio Manage, making it the first law practice management platform to directly incorporate e-filing.

In both of today’s interviews, we talk about t،se new ،ucts and others, as well as the company’s longer-term ،uct roadmap. Both Watson and Kashyapp also share their t،ughts on generative AI and its ،ential impact on legal technology and legal practice. 

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