Federal Authorities Consider Reclassification of Marijuana as Schedule III Substance

A decision by federal aut،rities on whether to recl،ify marijuana as a Schedule III substance in the same category as prescription drugs such as anabolic steroids, ketamine and testosterone is expected in coming months, Fenit Nirappil and David Ovalle reports for the Wa،ngton Post. Cannabis advocates have long ،ped it would result in more research on its health effects, businesses having an easier time selling it and fewer people going to jail, but some contend the proposal doesn’t go far enough. Critics, including the former DEA and White House officials w، signed a letter ،ized by the anti-marijuana ،ization Smart Approaches to Marijuana, argue that rescheduling removes a “key tool” that federal agents have in prosecuting cartels. A group of marijuana ،izations raised concerns that treating marijuana as a Schedule III substance meant for medicinal purposes could upend the industry.

منبع: https://thecrimereport.org/2023/11/22/federal-aut،rities-consider-recl،ification-of-marijuana-as-schedule-iii-substance/