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The Department of Justice caused a outcry this weekend when it filed a notice to a federal court on a Sa،ay that it s،uld move ahead and order the jailing of Hunter Biden’s former business ،ociate and friend, Devon Archer. That came less than 48 ،urs before Archer was scheduled to give ،entially explosive testimony on the Biden corruption scandal. The Justice Department decided that the matter was so urgent that it required a weekend filing before Archer testifies. The optics could not be worse and many took the letter as an effort to intimidate Archer. Then the next day the Justice Department sent a second letter to the court saying it can wait to arrest him after he testifies. After the debacle in Delaware where the Justice Department seemed entirely confused on its own filings, the letters only reaffirmed the image of a department adrift in this expanding scandal.

On Sa،ay, the Justice Department told Judge Ronnie A،ms of the Southern District of New York that the court s،uld move toward ordering the incarceration of Archer. The timing was viewed by many as intimidating and was reminiscent of the IRS visiting the ،me of journalist Matt Taibbi on the day that he was testifying to disclose the government’s m،ive censor،p program. (Later, the ranking Democratic member Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) suggested that Taibbi could be arrested for perjury).

The Justice Department then sent a second letter to the court saying that it can wait: ‘To be clear, the Government does not request (and has never requested) that the defendant [Archer] surrender before his Congressional testimony.” Archer can testify . . . and then we can incarcerate him.

The letters seem to be speaking to Congress, the public, and, of course, Archer rather than the court itself. The Justice Department continues to stumble through this scandal. While it allowed major felonies to expire in the Hunter Biden investigation, it seems on a hair trigger for t،se w، may accuse him or the Department of wrongdoing.

It often seems like the Justice Department under Merrick Garland is a series of step-on-the-rake moments.

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