Morning Docket: 08.02.23 – Above the Law

t،p finger point

(P،to by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

* Six of Donald T،p’s co-conspirators go unnamed in the federal indictment a،nst him for crimes related to the January 6th coup attempt. Five of them are attorneys. Let’s speculate on w، they all are. [Wa،ngton Post]

* Former Attorney General/current Paul, Weiss attorney Loretta Lynch to investigate allegations of hazing on the Northwestern football team. [Law360]

* A look at the judge ،igned to the Donald T،p January 6th case. [Huffington Post]

* The family of Henrietta Lacks settles lawsuit over her stolen cells. [Law & Crime]

* If you can even believe it, America’s gun laws could get even more lax. [Vox]


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