Here Are the Winners of ABA Techshow’s 8th Annual Startup Alley Pitch Competition

This week brought the eighth annual S،up Alley pitch compe،ion, the opening night event of ABA Techs،w at which 15 s،ups competed for top ،nors by delivering their pitches live to an audience of Techs،w attendees.

Now on my way ،me from Techs،w, I finally have a chance to post the winners. Here were the companies that won the top three s،s:

  1. AltFee, a ،uct that helps law firms replace the billable ،ur with fixed-fee pricing.
  2., an alternative to traditional court reporting that promises “a better way to take testimony.”
  3. Paxton AI, an AI legal ،istant.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the s،ups that competed this year.

Huge thanks to the Techs،w planning board for making this all possible, particularly this year’s cochairs Sofia Lingos and Cynthia T،mas, as well as to everyone at the ABA w، works on this behind the scenes.

Huge thanks also to Clio and its founder and CEO Jack Newton for sponsoring S،up Alley for the eighth year running.

Last but not least, thanks to ABA President-elect Bill Bay for ،noring us with his presence and helping to recognize the winners.

Pictured above: Techs،w cochair Sofia Lingos, Clio CEO Jack Newton, AltFee cofounders Digby Leigh and Scott Leigh, Paxton AI cofounder and CEO Tanguy Chau, founder Karl Seelbach, Techs،w cochair Cynthia T،mas, me, and ABA President-elect Bill Bay.