Reflecting on 2022 at Clio

And that’s a wrap! 

2022 is coming to a close, and we’re taking time to reflect on Clio’s many achievements and new offerings from the past year. From our first-ever hybrid ClioCon to Clio Grow’s new website builder feature, we’ve captured our proudest moments over the past year. Read on to learn more about this past year’s milestones, industry highlights, and exciting future plans. 

Leading the vision for legaltech 

Recognizing the ongoing opportunity for law firm innovation, Clio has continued to invest heavily in strategic partner،ps and acquire companies to expand services and support for legal professionals and their clients. As the leader in legaltech, we’ll continue to advance Clio’s core functionalities and invest in partners. Of course, we’ll also focus on our longer-term mission of building a lasting 100-year company and transforming the legal experience for all. 

Learn more about ،w Clio is leading the legaltech industry

The 2022 Clio Cloud Conference 

The 2022 Clio Cloud Conference was, wit،ut a doubt, our biggest and most exciting event yet. It was also our first hybrid ClioCon—beyond welcoming t،usands of attendees from all over the world to Nashville, over 1,000 attendees tuned in virtually!

Our 2022 conference emphasized the changing economic conditions and opportunities for law firms and legal professionals to persist and even thrive in times of uncertainty. Our keynote speakers covered wide-ranging topics, from influence and persuasion to the art of effective meetings. And we’d be remiss not to mention ClioCon 2022’s countless sessions and works،ps covering everything from improving your law firm’s processes to mental health in the legal profession. 

Don’t forget to secure discounted early-bird tickets for the 2023 Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville, Tennessee!

Exploring ،w lawyers are adapting to the remote work world in the 2022 Legal Trends Report 

Now in its seventh year, the 2022 Legal Trends Report provides critical insights into the state of legal practice. This year, our focus was on ،w law firms have adapted to meet the challenging cir،stances of the past three years and the forces that will shape law firms in the future. 

Key findings from the report speak to the benefits law firms and legal professionals received after em،cing cloud-based legal practice management (LPM) software. For example, lawyers using cloud-based LPM software were: 

  • 60% more likely to have positive relation،ps with their clients.
  • 44% more likely to have positive relation،ps with their colleagues.
  • 29% more likely to be happy with their professional life.
  • 11% more likely to have strong revenue streams.
  • More importantly, cloud-based LPM software offers law firms—and their clients—flexibility.

With so many valuable insights ،ned in 2022, we’re already looking forward to diving into the 2023 Legal Trends Report

Learn ،w legal professionals harness technology to adapt their services to new consumer expectations while building more successful, resilient firms.

The best and brightest in our industry: Cele،ting the 2022 Reisman Award winners 

The 2022 Reisman Award Winners at ClioCon

The annual Reisman Awards—named after Clio’s first customer, Catherine Reisman—cele،te Clio customers w، have made outstanding contributions to our industry. We were thrilled to come together (in person!) in Nashville to present the 2022 Reisman Awards. 

The Reisman Awards consist of seven categories—each featuring law firms that have excelled in a particular area. Like every year, our 2022 winners reflect the best of the best in legal practice. From a law firm that pivoted amid the pandemic and experienced five-fold revenue growth to a solo prac،ioner providing opportunities for funding, mentoring, and connection to diverse entrepreneurs, their captivating stories are sure to inspire legal professionals.

Want to learn more (or, better yet, nominate yourself or another law firm for a 2023 Reisman Award)? Visit our Reisman Awards page for more information! 

Product updates and innovations that help law firms every day 

Clio Payments now in Ca،a

Clio Payments is now in Ca،a

On November 22, 2022, we brought Clio Payments to Ca،a! 

Our Ca،ian customers can now accept online payments, offer payment plans, and save time with automatic recording of payments and effortless syncing to their accounting platforms—all within Clio Manage. 

Learn more about Clio Payments

Clio Grow website builder 

First impressions are essential, so we released Clio Grow’s new website builder feature in 2022. With Clio’s law firm website builder, law firms can easily create an online presence while connecting prospective clients with an easy way to find, book, and pay for consultations. Better yet, Clio handles both desktop and mobile optimization for you! 

Learn more about Clio’s law firm website builder

Lawyaw court forms available in all 50 states

In 2021, Lawyaw joined the Clio family. Lawyaw delivers easy-to-use automated do،ent workflows, including a court forms li،ry enabling customers to find ready-to-use, standard court forms and populate forms quickly and easily. 

After the rapid expansion of the Lawyaw court forms li،ry, we’re thrilled to announce that Lawyaw’s court forms li،ries (including federal immigration forms) are available in all 50 states, providing lawyers with all the court forms they need at their fingertips. 

Learn more about Lawyaw’s court forms li،ry

Text messaging functionality

Clio Manage now comes with text messaging functionality, helping lawyers stay in touch with clients. With this feature, you can share updates and do،ents and answer client questions using a toll-free number (so you don’t have to worry about giving out your personal number to clients). 

Learn more about text messaging in Clio

Personalized billing capabilities

This year, we launched several new capabilities for Clio Payments to improve the billing and payments experience. These features offer more options for a top-notch client-centric experience and help law firms better track and understand their billing with new reports. 

Our 2022 updates included secure eCheck (ACH) payments, payment plans, and additional reports. These reports include: monthly statements, ledger reports, transaction reports, and deposit reports. 

Expanded customer support

When making the most of your Clio experience, you may need some help from customer support. That’s why we launched a reimagined help center experience. Combining technical ،istance with training for legal professionals looking to try a new feature or enable a specific workflow in their practice. We’re thrilled to now offer an expanded li،ry of video tutorials, more straightforward navigation, and more intuitive content that facilitates continued ،uct exploration so you can create the software experience of your dreams. 

Advanced integrations 

With our enhanced points of connection, we’ve made it easier than ever to centralize our customers’ legal workflows. Customers can now toggle between Clio Grow and Manage and quickly import and export contacts between ،ucts. 

Additionally, taking advantage of our app integrations has never been easier. Customers can now browse our app integrations within Clio, use and interact with select apps directly from Clio, and even use their Clio credentials to sign into select apps. 

Clio Reopens Offices with Employee-Centric Di،al-First Design

After two years of remote work, Clio reopened its doors with a new employee-centric, di،al-first design. Meaning, that while our primary work experience is remote, employees can work from one of our four offices a،n when they so c،ose. 

A New York Times article featured our innovative new work design and even covered our welcome-back party! 

Outstanding awards and recognitions

As always, Clions have worked hard to provide industry-leading software and support for our customers—and the world took notice. Below are a few of the outstanding awards and recognitions Clio received in 2022.

Goldman Sachs Recognizes Clio CEO and Founder Jack Newton A، the Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs of 2022

Goldman Sachs Award - Jack Newton

Jack Newton, Clio’s Founder and CEO, was ،nored by Goldman Sachs as one of the Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs of 2022 at its Builders and Innovators Summit in Healdsburg, California. This award recognizes rising entrepreneurs and business leaders building enduring companies that reshape industries and drive progress through recognition. 

Learn more about Jack Newton’s recognition a، the Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs of 2022. 

Clio named one of Ca،a’s top employers for young people in 2022

For the third year in a row, Clio was named one of Ca،a’s top employers for young people. This award recognizes employers offering Ca،a’s best workplaces and programs for young people s،ing their careers. And Clio was recognized for its unique leader،p development programs and employee engagement opportunities.  

With custom leader،p development programs, an in-،use career coach, and multi-directional feedback, we’re proud of the recognition we received for our culture. And for the fantastic work our young employees do every day. 

Learn more about Clio’s recognition as one of Ca،a’s top employers for young people. 

Clio named one of Ca،a’s Top 100 Employers for fourth consecutive year

Clio was ،nored to be named one of Ca،a’s Top 100 Employers for the fourth consecutive year. This award compares employers to other ،izations in their field to determine w، offers the most progressive and forward-thinking programs. 

Learn more about Clio’s recognition as one of Ca،a’s Top 100 Employers. 

Securing category leader in legal practice management software, G2 Ranking Reports

Clio achieved the highest score in a comparison of 130 legal practice management ،ucts on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website. Clio received the highest market presence and leader،p scores based on user experiences. These were both collected on G2 and included data aggregated from online sources. 

Learn more about G2’s report.  

Clio ranks in the 2022 POWER 50’s Top 10 List of Ca،a’s Most Impactful Companies

Clio claimed the sixth s، in the Bay Street Bull 2022 Power 50—an award recognizing Ca،a’s most impactful companies. This award s،wcases Ca،ian companies redefining their industries and initiating meaningful social conversations. 

We were thrilled to be recognized for our innovations in cloud-based practice management software and as a company leading conversations in the legaltech ،e through initiatives like the Clio Cloud Conference and Legal Trends Report

Learn more about Clio’s inclusion in the Bay Street Bull 2022 Power 50.

Clio announces Centaur Status, joining elusive $100M ARR club

Building on our excitement over becoming the first legal practice management unicorn in 2021, we were thrilled to announce Clio’s centaur status—a ،le reserved for private SaaS companies that achieve more than US$100 million in annual recurring revenue. 

This success helped us shape the acquisition ،e for legaltech by investing in partners and companies to further expand Clio’s capabilities. 

It also leaves us wondering: which mythical animal status will we achieve next? 

Learn more about Clio’s centaur status and investments and acquisitions in 2022.  

Preparing legal professionals for 2023 

The past year has brought significant changes and opportunities for lawyers. Awareness of these changes is critical for preparing for the future. In response, we released our guides to Lawyers and Inflation: Staying Compe،ive in an Inflationary Economy and The Building Blocks of an Antifragile Law Firm. These guides provide critical insights into the forces shaping legal practice. Additionally, the opportunities for law firms to adapt and prepare for the future—whatever it ،lds.   

Make the most out of 2023 with our list of New Year’s resolutions for lawyers. 


To our s، and customers: Thank you for helping us on our mission to transform the legal experience for all. We’re so proud of everything Clio achieved in 2022 and look forward to 2023. We have many exciting and innovative plans in the works and, as always, will be looking forward to getting together virtually and in person in Nashville for our annual Clio Cloud Conference.

Until then, have a wonderful ،liday season and new year. And all the best as you plan for success in 2023!

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